London 2002

retro electro

Suvome is Adelaide based trip-hop electronica trio Jen Lush, Tobin Lush and Mark Scruby. Following a stint in London and Japan, Adelaide’s wondrous soundscape technicians, Suvome, bring their world class skew on futuristic tonal mood maps that was it’s debut, The Sunlight Embassy.
The group then brought us a sultry, sensual and sonic follow-up of luscious and epic proportions, Subomu, a cross continental journey through the eerie electronic annals of airports as far apart as Tokyo, London and Adelaide, crossing hemispheres and cultures. The album name itself was a nod to the wet neon reflecting streets of downtown Japan with it’s smoky pachinko parlours, high rise glass and concrete – a set resplendent with awesome, lilting drum sounds, evocative female vocals over a pulsing synth ‘trip-hop’ bed, obscurely sampled, and an intensely trans-global feel.
The Sunlight Embassy was critically acclaimed as a debut album and the band went on to tour nationally, followed by festivals and club shows in Japan (Mukogawa festival) on route to relocating to the UK. After a number of shows in England the band returned to Australia briefly in 2001 to record the mini album Subomu which received Triple J airplay and music video Hotel Motel played on ABC’s rage program.

“Headlining the main stage, Australian three-piece Suvome prove to be the highlight of the event. Like The Avalanches before them, Suvome are set to redefine the Australian music scene for the 21st century. Their sophisticated exploitation of circuitry and samplers relegates pub rock of the Antipodes to embarrassing memory. Add the transcendent vocals of Jenni Lush on songs such as ‘Movie Part 1’, or some discerning guitar swagger on tracks like ‘Fieldtrip’, and you have one of the new vanguard of southern artists set to invigorate airwaves across the world. Not bad for a band who played their first gig in December. That they are acquiring London addresses for the summer is no small cause for excitement.”

Bryan Scruby, NME Magazine, Sept 12, 2005

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